Equip your employees to achieve effective project outcomes

Our PMI-GAC accredited part-time Online Master’s in Project & Programme Management will equip your employees to manage complex projects on a global, multi-sector scale. Delivering increased productivity and boosting profitability in today’s uncertain environment.

You’ll see immediate, tangible benefits

Companies sponsoring an employee to undertake this online MSc will see immediate and measurable returns, with employees demonstrating increased knowledge and effective processes from day one.

Students develop new skills for successful leadership and smarter project management. Enabling them to confidently manage projects to meet business objectives with ease.

Smarter processes

Graduates learn to improve process efficiency with effective risk management, enhanced leadership, and better scheduling skills. Streamlining requirements, costs, and execution across multiple areas.

Proven PM methods

Our experienced tutors and wide-ranging, industry-relevant content exposes students to best practice across all disciplines. Helping them apply the right approach to every aspect of a project.

Enhanced leadership

This online MSc develops strategic thinking, nurtures communication skills, and broadens business expertise. Supporting your employee to lead with confidence and harness team potential to achieve project goals with accuracy.

New ways of thinking

You will gain progressive insights into your business as employees absorb new perspectives and methods of evaluation, communication, and management. Immediately putting learning into practice in their real work environment.

Improved portfolio performance

As students expand their project management skillset and strengthen critical thinking, employees will grow in confidence, able to take on larger, higher profile projects. Ultimately improving your overall portfolio performance.

Build business knowledge

Employees will strengthen their understanding of business objectives as they develop expertise in broader business areas such as leadership, governance, business strategy, international relations, commercial impact and more.

Global perspectives

Companies benefit from new perspectives and fresh insight as students mix with their global classmates. Increasing their understanding of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and industries from around the world.

A clear vision for Firecrest

Recent graduate, James Corcoran, used his third semester in-company project to improve value for current employer, Firecrest. When the company was contracted by University College Dublin to create a video raising awareness about diabetes among school-age children, James used the knowledge and skills from his UL Master’s in Project & Programme Management to define the project vision and greatly improve efficacy. By identifying key criteria and functions, and aligning thinking towards this goal, James was able to enhance efficiency and significantly reduce estimated project duration. Supervisor, Sean Kirwan, found James’ contribution invaluable, helping to refine the project’s scope and providing the whole team with new perspective on project value. Beyond transforming the UCD project, James also revealed a new approach to project planning and management that will be vital to Firecrest moving forward.

Employer Investment

Time requirement

The MSc in Project and Programme management is delivered in a flexible, online format, minimising work time lost to lectures or travel.

Financial requirement

Our annual fees of €8,770 can be paid in full at the start of the academic year or via a payment plan; pay in monthly instalments; or at the start of the autumn and spring semesters.

Find out how the UL MSc in Project and Programme Management could improve outcomes for your organisation by contacting Course Director, John Kelly.

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