The Centre for Project Management are delighted to welcome back Dr Alejandro Armellini (Northampton University) to run a one day teaching and learning seminar that focuses on moderating online groups.

This highly interactive, face to face workshop aims to provide academics, teaching assistants and associate tutors with practical skills to design the online components of their courses for effective e-moderation and management.

This hands-on seminar is based on a set of NILE-based online learning activities (e-tivities) that participants tackle individually and in groups throughout the day. As part of these activities, participants are invited to experiment with a variety of learning technologies and consider their application to their own pedagogical contexts.

Who is this workshop for?

– Anyone with responsibility for moderating online student groups, or is interested in setting up participative online groups of students or researchers.

– Colleagues who need to maximise student participation via asynchronous online tools in their learning designs.

– Distance learning tutors who want to provide cost-effective environments for student support and engagement.


What will attendees get out of it?

By the end of the seminar, participants will have:

– Experienced and played an active role, as students, in a task-based online course.

– Identified key features of low-cost, high-value learner-centred design.

– Selected practical, innovative, time-saving design and delivery ideas for immediate implementation in their own courses.

– Experimented with a number of learning technologies, both within Moodle and externally, in order to meet concrete pedagogical needs.

– Become aware, through practical experience, of specific strategies to maximise learner motivation in online settings.

– Identified clear links between those ideas and current literature


Facilitator: Prof. Alejandro Armellini,  http://www.northampton.ac.uk/people/ale.armellini

Anyone interested in attending this event should email enquiriescpm@ul.ie or contact Geraldine at 061 202982.

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