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When researching project management courses, you’ll notice that some programmes state that they are PMI GAC accredited, but what does PMI GAC accreditation mean and why does it matter? John Lannon, Course Director of the Project Management Online Masters at the Centre for Project Management (CPM) at the University of Limerick, explains all.

What is PMI Accreditation?

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is the world’s leading professional membership association for project, portfolio and programme managers. Its Global Accreditation Center (GAC) accredits project management and related management degree programs offered within higher education institutions worldwide. As a globally recognised accreditor, it has strong brand recognition in every industry, from healthcare and telecommunications, finance and information technology, to construction.

The PMI GAC sets standards for programmes like the CPM’s Masters in Project and Programme Management that meet their accreditation seal of approval. Once the university/provider of the course meets or exceeds these standards, they are granted PMI GAC accreditation. This is not an easy stamp to achieve, throughout Europe, there are only seven universities who offer accredited Project Management Masters programmes.

Why does PMI GAC accreditation matter?

There are many potential project management courses that professionals can undertake.  However, not all courses are the same. Some unaccredited project management programmes do not offer the skills, knowledge and competencies that employers are demanding in the project management field. This can have ramifications on your ability to seek promotions in your current job.

On the other hand, undertaking a course recognised by a leading accreditation body can offer multiple benefits.

These benefits include:

  • Recognised standards: PMI GAC accreditation standards are exacting, based on industry requirements and most importantly, internationally recognised. Having the globally recognised PMI accreditation offers peace of mind to students who may be considering working outside their home market.  A PMI GAC accredited Masters in Project and Programme Management will be recognised by any employer, right across the globe.
  • High calibre faculty: When a course is accredited by the PMI GAC, it means that the faculty delivering the masters programme are of a very high standard and have met the GAC’s stringent requirements. The PMI GAC examine all aspects of a university’s academic programme, including teaching, student learning, institutional development and academic research quality, in determining its suitability for accreditation.  A PMI accredited Masters in Project and Programme Management therefore constitutes a very high calibre programme, delivered by true industry and academic experts.
  • Reputable value: PMI GAC accreditation offers excellent reputable value. Some of the top organisations in the world recruit graduates from their accredited online Masters in Project and Programme  Management from the University of Limerick. Graduates of PMI GAC accredited programmes are traditionally offered more competitive salaries than people who do not have this level of accreditation.
  • Staying relevant: PMI GAC accreditation is renewed every 3 years through the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) programme. This ensures that PMI GAC accredited professionals stay relevant as the profession evolves and as the needs of employers grow and change. The need for programmes like the UL MSc in Project and Programme Management to meet ongoing accreditation renewal requirements demonstrates to employers, that graduates remain well positioned to answers the demand of the company and the role.

“Most project managers are lacking PMI and GAC qualifications beyond the PMP. To help me stand out amongst the competition, a PMI and GAC accredited masters level programme, was essential for me to achieve”.

Mark Stewart, U.L. MSc in Project and Programme Management graduate.

Why the UL Masters in Project & Programme Management?

The University of Limerick exceeds all the stringent PMI standards for accreditation and with its close links to industry, has a strong reputation for creating highly relevant course content.

The MSc in Project and Programme Management is delivered 100% online, which means it is designed to fit the demanding schedules of all professionals, wherever they may be globally. It offers 24 hour technical support, interactive lectures, peer to peer interaction, guided reading and also the opportunity for individual and group written submissions.

Ready to accelerate your career? Apply online today for the PMI GAC Accredited Masters in Project & Programme Management from the University of Limerick’s CPM.

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