The CPM and IT Alliance acted as advisors to the ESB  in the development of a project delivery model (PDM), and training of their staff in the use of the model. Projects are now being rolled out using this approach – Sean Hegarty (Director, Wind Energy Projects)  made a presentation to the Ireland Chapter of the PMI showing how the project delivery model works. At the centre is a project management office (PMO) which provides support for all ESB energy projects. The first two projects using the model were completed recently , €150m wind farm projects in the UK, both of which were completed on time and within budget.  Sean outlined the challenges they faced on these projects, and demonstrated how the PDM was central to the ESB realising the investment benefits from these projects. At revenue earnings of €100,000/week, clearly getting the project finished on time was a major performance requirement and the model gave all the team the focus they needed to achieve this. It has also captured some very useful learnings that they can bring to future projects which they are planning both here in Ireland and the UK.

Sean Hegarty gave his presentation to the Ireland Chapter PMI at a recent event hosted by the Kemmy Business School.
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